mind & energy rebalance

Longevity holistic approach to mental and physical well-being offers the opportunity to inner-balance, self-awareness with mind and energy therapies.

Focus your healthy holiday on healing your mind and soul with specialist and solutions.

“Learning to manage the stresses of everyday life is vital for maintaining health and happiness…”

Read article: “FIND BALANCE IN LIFE: LEARNING TO MANAGE STRESS” by SIMONE PETERS MD. Longevity Wellness Worldwide Clinical Psychologist


( * ) Requires Doctor Prescription

mind & energy rebalance Solutions

Mindfulness Therapy - Mind, Body and Inner Self

Energetic Psychology Session

Epsom Salt Floatation with Massage

Sleep Apnoea Equipment (CPAP)

Suggested Programmes
5 nights
Get a unique holistic health check. Rebalance body & mind, find your stress factors and learn how to live a more de-stressed life.
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5 nights
Repair, regenerate and rebalance your energy fields boosting the vitality of your organs, cells and psyche.
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5 nights
Enjoy your seasonal general wellness holiday to repair, regenerate and rebalance your overall health and wellbeing.
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