Health & Wellness Clinic

Discover our Health & Wellness Clinic, the core area of the hotel with the main health and wellness facilities and services. An area where you can address your health and reset your life. Focus your healthy holiday on being proactive by adopting a preventive approach. Here, we want to treat complex, chronic diseases before they occur. This means, providing all the facilities to make it happen and combining with nutrition, diet, detox, exercise strategies and regenerative therapies to not only heal – but mainly to prevent.

Medical rooms

The medical spa area is divided in 16 diagnostic, consultation and treatment rooms. Differentiated diagnostics, innovative and intense detox and regeneration therapies and state of the art high impact facial and body rejuvenation and reshaping treatments are the highlights of this area.

Detox & Relax pools

Detox and relax in its warm and Epsom saline solution in complete serenity. It helps improve mobility by alleviating muscular aches and pains. 

* Available from 1st December 2019

Sauna with aromatherapy

Experience two different types of sauna, both with aromatherapy, within the same location: a stylish Swedish sauna offers guests a fantastic detox, and the moderate temperatures and higher humidity of the infrared sauna are perfect for detox and for relieving sore muscles and joints.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Hammam with chromotherapy and aromatherapy

The double-level hammam for relaxation in extreme comfort in the perfectly controlled climate, with aroma automation. The high humidity and temperature help to improve circulation, lower blood pressure and ease sinus congestion.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Ice fountain

Strategically placed, our ice fountain provides a pleasant cooling after sauna.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Sensations showers with sound and aromatherapy

Combine contrasting water pressures and temperatures ideal for stimulating circulation, balancing and detoxing the body with sound and aroma infusions to improve relaxation. 

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Epson salt room with salt infusion

Inhale natural, healing minerals from the Himalayan salt mist, rich in minerals. Halotherapy improves respiratory system, healing skin conditions and balancing serotonin hormonal levels.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Reflexology walking hydropath

Strategically positioned between the sauna area and the steam cabin, this path with smooth, reflexology pebbles, improves nerve functions, increases circulation, and energizes.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Relaxation rooms

Enhance your well-being in a room where the priority is your relaxation and balance. 

* Available from 1st October 2019 

Longevity Detox & Hammam rooms

Therapists at Longevity can gently apply cleansing mud or algae wraps to different parts of the body. Before guests can relax and detox in a warm steam bath.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Flotation room

With salinity as high as the Dead Sea (34%) and a complete absence of sound and vibration, you can float womb-like in the warm water of the Floatation Room. It improves stress management, anxiety and pain.

* Available from 1st December 2019 

VIP Spa suite with Ghassoul room and Hot Tub

A heated Ghassoul cabin combines mineral-rich clay and herbal steam to smooth the skin, detoxify the body and revitalise energy levels. 

* Available from 1st December 2019 

Detox, Relax and Nourishing rooms

Dedicated rooms for detox, relax and nourishing treatments. Check the Wellness a la Carte menu.

* Available from 1st October 2019 

Individual and double spa rooms

Dedicated rooms for spa treatments. Check the Wellness a la Carte menu.


A gym fully equipped by Technogym® dedicated to fitness and functional training.

Personal Fitness Room

A personal training studio dedicated to functional and fitness training.

Body & Mind Nature Deck | Zen Deck

An outdoor holistic area dedicated to body and mind activities.

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