What is longevity

Our flagship Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel, in partnership with HPA Private Health Group, a high quality player certified by the reputable international Joint Commission International (JCI).

This marks a milestone in the battle against one of the greatest challenges facing modern society – "inflammaging#. This is how we refer to the kind of low-grade, chronic inflammation that, due to their lack of symptoms, often go unnoticed and unchecked, and will, over time, lead to tissue damage and degeneration.


They are becoming more and more prevalent as the dangers of our world start to add up. Processed foods, stress, environmental chemicals, radiation, sleep deprivation and lack of exercise, are all contributory factors to the increased inflammation that can compromise our immune system. Many of today’s chronic diseases owe their pervasiveness from these risk factors - heart disease, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, cancer all share a common inflammatory basis.

It seems the very world around us is accelerating our path toward disease, significantly impacting our health, quality of life and, in the end, longevity built upon the foundations and values that underpin everything we do. It is the culmination of a life’s work, a place where we can pull all our experience and expertise together to combat and reverse chronic inflammation – preventing disease before it happens and repairing where we already find it. This is not something we felt needed to be surrendered to, and our mission became to redress the balance. We live in fast-moving times. Surrounded by quick-fix solutions, we can easily lose sight of what’s important in life – and it might be time to think about prioritising what really matters.

At Longevity we place your most valuable assets, your health and vitality, at the heart of a modern approach to holistic medicine. Staying healthy, preventing diseases before they happen and reversing those that already hold you back – we are passionate that everyone should be able to enjoy a better quality of life, today and tomorrow.

Despite looking forward, it is from yesterday’s teachings that we have learnt much about how we can achieve this. Our philosophy has evolved over many years helping clients of every age and background imaginable to find value in a health and wellness experience. We have seen how the needs and issues vary tremendously across different patients and at different stages of their lives and so became committed to treating the person rather than the illness. From generally healthy individuals to those who struggle to maintain a balanced lifestyle or from those looking for the simple tranquillity of a spa break to those in need of a richer preventive programme, we want all our clients to see the everyday benefits of dedicating some time to their wellbeing.

Wellness is our DNA. It can be felt crafted into each of the 8 pillars that will support a healthier, happier you. We use them to provide an integrated approach to preventative and regenerative medicine, utilising a unique range of wellness, spa and medical treatments and therapies that help us identify, correct andheal health imbalances as early as possible – and before chronic degeneration can develop.

Throughout your stay with us, you will learn how wellness inspires and influences both our work and your health – detoxification, a diet of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, nutrient-richfoods, supplements and spa products and therapies, oxygenation, deep relaxation, energetic balance and stress resistance, hydration, sleep improvement, biophysical, biochemical and bio structural rebalancing, physical movement, and life enjoyment. These are all weapons that we use in the fight against inflammaging.

So, at the end of the day, what does Longevity mean for you?

It means a multi-disciplinary team, an integrated approach, a focus on your individual needs and goals, the integrity and purity of our products, amenities and supplements, and progressive health and wellness solutions and programmes guided by years of knowledge and insight.

What it means is that your health, your wellbeing, is our focus – we want it to be yours too.

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