The Algarve is situated at the southernmost point of Portugal. It is composed by 16 municipalities, and each of them is rich with history, culture and tradition.

Each county is filled with beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue water, many surprises and places and experiences still to be discovered.


The Algarve is characterized and known for its 200km of coastline. The sun being complemented by the beautiful beaches, the locals hospitality and the diversity of products on offer. It is a perfect destination for all tastes and for all ages. In fact, for the 3rd consecutive time, Algarve won Europe’s Leading Beach Destination 2019 .


The Algarve is also known by its delicious cuisine based on freshly caught fish, seafood and typical regional products. The region's strongest point is precisely the freshness of its products. Know that our cuisine sources those seasonal and fresh local products to prepare nutricious meals


For trekking lovers, know that in the Algarve, you can also find the best hiking trails in the country, such as the Rota Vicentina and Via Algarviana.

The Rota Vicentina is a pedestrian route with an extension of 450 km in total. This trekking route is composed by Historical Way, Fishermen's Trail and Circular Routes. Each category has its own difficulty and can be carried out from north to south or from south to north. It is also recommended to do this from September to June, being perfectly safe, with lodging and catering at different points of stop.

Rota Vicentina was honoured with  7 awards since its launch in 2012.

The Via Algarviana has a length of 300 km, along the interior of the Algarve, from Alcoutim to the Saint Vicent Cape in Sagres, accompanied by the greater diversity of fauna and flora.

Both routes are properly marked.



This is a perfect destination for golfers of all ages and abilities, with something to suit every taste and budget. Awarded second time "Best Golf Destination in Continental Europe" by the Annual Travel Awards 2018 (Today Golfer magazine) and forth "Best Value Golf Destination in Continental Europe" (TodayGolfer), the Algarve is an ideal option for golf lovers. Check the nearer golf courses, here




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