Meet our Team of Health and Wellness Specialists:


Joana Santos, MD

Clinical Director

Dra. Joana Santos is Clinical Director at our Longevity Clinics in Portugal. After completing her studies in Medicine in 2009, she proposed to deepen her knowledge and took a Master in Aesthetic and Anti-Ageing Medicine at the University of Cordoba, Spain. Dra. Joana Santos also frequently participates in International Congresses such as the AAMWC (Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco) and holds several certifications in this area. Dra. Joana is also a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine, highlighting Botox, Loads, Microneedling, Mesotherapy, Chemical Peelings, Wires, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). She is also a member of the Aesthetic Portuguese Society.
 Joana is professional par excellence who reconciles Traditional Medicine with her vast knowledge in Integrative Medicine. She has developed a special passion for themes related to Health Optimisation, Multidisciplinary Approach, Cell Regeneration, Rejuvenation and Remodeling.


Marta Batista 

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapist

Marta Batista has been a specialist in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a physiotherapist since 2013. 

In 2018, she flew to Beijing to take an advanced course on acupuncture, which took place at the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies, which included a theoretical component and a practical part in the hospital context, being able to contact with the reality of TCM in China.

Her passion for health comes hand in hand with the pleasure of understanding the global dimension of each person, with the aim of designing a personalised treatment plan. He argues that healing is consciousness and results from the dynamic balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. He also performs other energetic therapies such as Reiki, Energetic Alignment Therapy and Emotional Balance, among others, defining himself as a Holistic Therapist.


Ricardo Rosa


Ricardo Rosa is our main Physiotherapist and Osteopath at Longevity Wellness Worldwide.

He has been recognised by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the 19 best therapists and healers in the world.

After completing his degree in Physical Therapy, he felt the need to increase his knowledge to assess / treat the person as a whole in an integrative manner, this feeling coupled with his curiosity and passion for discovering more knowledge led him to begin studies at the School of Osteopathy in Madrid. Throughout his professional career, in addition to his extensive training in Madrid, he has been carrying out various training courses in different areas of knowledge to learn more effective, personalised and up-to-date methods, allowing him to respond to the clinical challenges he faces in his practice.

A session with Ricardo is memorable and extremely effective due to his ability to quickly identify and correct the causes and not only the symptoms.

We describe Ricardo Rosa as a passionate person in his profession, with the commitment to solve dysfunctions efficiently in the shortest possible time, without resorting to the use of invasive therapies or treatments that require long-term dependence.


Rosana Montenegro

Holistic Therapies and Tarot 

Born in Buenos Aires, she has lived in Portugal since 2001.

About 10 years ago she found her true vocation and considers Holistic Therapies to be her life mission, creating connection and more awareness with the physical and energetic world around her. Her walk in Holistic Therapies began with the Tarot and the desire to explore this area led her to attend several certified trainings, where she developed her experience and practice in the various therapies she currently practices. She considers herself an extremely communicative person, who loves to share her knowledge and experiences in workshops, lectures or individual consultations.

Rosana is a true expert in the field of Energy Medicine, Crystal Therapy, Astrology and Numerology. Her knowledge and excellent communication enable her therapeutic techniques to enhance and accelerate the Processes of Self-Knowledge, Emotional Detox, Meditation, Inner Peace as well as Energetic Detox and Balance.


Kirsten Hellum


Kirsten is a qualified Colon Hydrotherapist since 2011 and firmly believes that this treatment is an essential part of the body cleansing process that helps correct digestive disorders such as swelling, constipation, among others. 

Its purpose as a profession is to support and educate clients, helping them to tune in to their body's needs, naturally and without effort. 

For Kirsten, good digestion, exercise and efficient elimination are crucial to feeling good and energized. Through Colonic hydrotherapy and nutritional support, she will help to bring the digestive and elimination systems back into working order, which as a result, will strengthen and improve.​​ The Hydrotherapist guarantees that his clients will receive maximum care, discretion and sensitivity throughout the treatment.  Kirsten actively participates in conferences and courses for continuing education in this area.


Miguel Silva

Nursing Team Coordinator

Born in Braga, Miguel has been a Nurse since 2006, starting his functions at the Algarve Hospital Centre, where he has already been working in several specialities. Since 2012 he has been working in the Central Operating Room, performing functions in the areas of Anesthesiology, Circulation, Instrumentation and Recovery.

Miguel joined the Longevity Nursing team in 2011, where he had contact for the first time with the concept of Preventive Medicine and Anti-ageing. His interest in this integrated and holistic approach to the health process, oriented towards Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis and Correction of Imbalances related to Stress and Lifestyle, continued.

In February 2018 he assumed the role of Coordinator of the Nursing team.

He understands Physical and Mental Health as a dynamic process, which requires constant intervention and rebalancing in the various dimensions of the human being, to enhance the feeling of wellbeing and avoid the appearance of pathological processes or, in the presence of these, reduce to a minimum its impact on everyone's life.


Melanie Navalhas


Melanie was born in Zurich and soon returned to Portugal with her parents, where she grew up in the Alentejo countryside.

At the age of 11, Melanie was diagnosed with hepatitis A (viral), having followed for one month a very specific diet for this liver disease and through her diet, she was cured.

It was then that she began to show interest in the area of Health, Prevention and the Power of Healing without medication, except inevitable situations that medication is extremely necessary.

She graduated in Dietetics and Nutrition in 2016 and started her career at Longevity in 2017, as a Trainee Nutritionist, moving with her dedication and competence to the position of head of the Food & Beverage department at our unit in Vilamoura.

Melanie is our Nutritionist and is every day with her enormous smile waiting for a Nutrition Consultation, Wellness Evaluation or even to answer any question and keep you motivated.


Gudrun Docherty

Yoga Teacher / Therapist

Gudrun Docherty began teaching Power Yoga as a hobby in 1999, and explored all styles of Yoga. He did formal training for Yoga YIN and YANG teachers at the British Yoga Academy in 2012 in Koh Samui / Thailand.

In 2015 she went to Toronto to do therapeutic intensive with Susi Hately of Functional Synergy and later continued his studies online with his mentor.

Started working full time as a Yoga Teacher/Terapeutist in April 2018. Gudrun also took courses in Kinetix Fascial Release.

Yoga Therapy aims to improve body function, rather than achieving poses. The pillars are Movement, Breathing and Quietness. It is a combination of Movement, Physiotherapy and Psychotherapy.


Elisa Almeida

Anatomy, Physiology, Aesthetics and Holistic Therapies

She was born in Guimarães, in a historic city known as the "Cradle of the Nation" where she proudly grew up and lived her adolescence.

Passionate about life and all that it transmits to us, throughout the years she has made several formations in different areas to achieve knowledge and discover her true passion.

Elisa Almeida graduated in Anatomy, Physiology, Aesthetics and developed a strong connection to Holistic Therapies. Her dedication has led to the cultivation of a vast knowledge in the whole area of Health and Wellness.

Over the last 10 years at Longevity has been dedicated to the management of various departments, with a great focus on highly personalized service, always with the greatest focus on the guest and their care, not neglecting their individual needs.


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