Longevity 360º Covid-19 Safety & Prevention Protocol

The core DNA of Longevity brand is Wellness. Our concept and our programmes aim towards prevention, rebalancing dysfunctions, regenerating health, boosting the immune system and promoting physical, mental and holistic wellbeing.
Being a player with health and wellness clinical content in its services and programmes, officially registered with the Health Authorities, Longevity already adheres to very strict guidelines for our clients’ health and safety.

The current pandemic outbreak has triggered an enhanced focus towards preventing, mitigating and managing risks around Covid-19 which lead to the creation of Longevity 360º Covid-19 Safety & Prevention Protocol. Its application varies slightly by Longevity location due to specific physical infrastructure setup, but they are all stricter than the official Portugal Tourism Board and National Health Authority Clean & Safe protocol. Here is a summary applicable to Longevity Health & Wellness Hotel:



  • All hotel staff will be screened every day for symptoms (cough, fever, breathing difficulty);
  • All members of our team are well trained for our COVID protocols and procedures;
  • All our guests will be screened for symptoms at check-in and randomly during their stay;
  • Any suspicious case will be immediately referred to the National Health System for official Covid-19 testing;
  • Guests (with or without symptoms) who wish to proactively undergo official Covid-19 testing on a private basis, will be able to do it in a private laboratory pre-arranged with the hotel;
  • Guests who test positive, will be immediately placed in specific quarantine rooms, especially located within the hotel to separate from other guests, and will be reported to the National Health Authority who will then decide on how to proceed on each case;
  • We have a crisis management team for any situation that may happen during this period.



  • Development of several procedures in all the areas and departaments to increase the levels of hygiene and disinfection;
  • Increase the cleaning frequency of public and common areas and intensify the use of disinfectants, especially in high touch areas;
  • Implementation of a frequent hand washing procedure, daily disinfection of uniforms and other daily hygiene and disinfection procedures among staff;
  • Placement of alcohol-based hand sanitizing stations in several spots in the common areas of the hotel.



  • All our hotel staff will be working with certified masks. Those in front lines, including Spa, Wellness, Medical and Housekeeping staff, in contact with our guests will additionally wear a facial acrylic protection equipment;
  • Individual Certified Reusable Masks will be available for guests to purchase at the hotel;
  • To ensure a safe distance among clients, group activities/classes will have a lower capacity per class;
  • Guests will be served all meals, including breakfast, in the Pure Cafe. Breakfast will have set times per group of guests to ensure minimum physical distance set by the health authorities;
  • The Pure Cafe will have a lower capacity to ensure the minimum distance set by the health authorities, pre-booking is required;
  • There will be a controlled usage of gym, pools and wet areas of Spa, to ensure the minimum physical distance defined by the national health authority;
  • The vast majority of the Health & Wellness Clinic services will be available, only very few selected Spa services will not be available.



  •  Longevity Body & Mind Group Classes – Yoga, Pilates, Stretching and others to improve overall wellness, relaxation and sleep;
  • Longevity Breakfast – if you are not in a structured wellness programme, you may request a wellness breakfast/ Longevity super shake to detox and boost your immune system;
  • Longevity Nutrition – optional Longevity Meal Plans during your stay: healthy and tasty (solid or liquid) Immune System Boosting diet (subject to Doctor or Nutrition approval, requires consultation);
  • Longevity Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultation – tips on foods and holistic therapies to improve the Immune System (includes a home-based personalised meal plan for regular and sustainable optimisation of the Immune System);
  • Longevity Integrative Medicine Consultation - a specialty consultation with the goal of evaluating your lifestyle, risk factors and imbalances, to suggest integrative diagnostics and therapies to fix imbalances, regenerate health and boost the immune system;
  • Longevity Energetic Healing - Energy Medicine techniques awaken energies that bring resilience, joy, and enthusiasm to our life – and greater vitality to our body, mind, and spirit. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche;
  • Longevity Personal Training – personalised and focused on the different needs of the client.



The hotel offers a wide array of structured health & wellness Longevity programmes, designed with the medical and wellness team, aimed at helping our guests enjoy a healthy, rejuvenating and relaxed holiday with us covering topics such as general Wellness, Detox, Fitness, Weight Loss, Emotional & Energetic Rebalance, Anti Stress, Anti Ageing and Rejuvenation, amongst other. Detailed information on these programmes is available at the hotel website or via reservations@longevityalvor.com.

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Nutrition & Supplements
Nutrition & Supplements
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Detox & Regeneration
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Fitness & Sport
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Detox & Regeneration
Detox & Regeneration
High impact premium solutions to cleanse and protect
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